Who is Jonathan?


Jonathan grew up as an entertainer, craftsman, and entrepreneur. He has performed on-stage, in site-specific productions, films, dance-theatre, new media art, has modeled, and worked as a director, producer, and writer for stage and screen alike.

Born and raised a Jersey boy, Jonathan's parents engaged and supported his passion for the theatre, film, and arts since he was first exposed to all of it at the age of six. He was put into a film training program at the age of 12 and began acting classes after being inspired by Shia LaBeouf in Disturbia, he also studied acting to better understand how to function as a director on a film set. After all the training, hands-on experience, and adventures over the years, he still thrives to build the connection between actor and audience that can shift the dynamics of thoughts and commitment to growth and understanding of the self and the human experience.

He is incredibly passionate about creating content online, and he has been doing so since YouTube was first launched in 2005.

He received his Bachelor of Theatre Arts from the University of Michigan, with a focus in acting. Jonathan mainly travels for freelance work these days. 

Jonathan is also passionate about fitness and healthy living. He is certified through NASM as a CPT, FNS, WFS, WLS, & YES.

Jonathan will be going to med school in the near future as well, in an effort to not only give back to the world, but also genuinely help others in a practical and intellectual-driven manner.


Photo by Luke Marcus Rosen (@lukemarcusrosen)