Become a member of the secret society that somehow seems to be on the edge of everyones tongues: PROJECT BEDLAM.

Project Bedlam was originally created by John Doe in Los Angeles, California in 1991. With the original chapter hidden in the basement of your run-of-the-mill diner, Mr. Doe founded Bedlam with the intent on spreading the truth. He sought to abolish materialistic ways and fear of failure, embrace manhood and self-motivation to focus on goals, and get people to break through barriers to achieve their wildest dreams. Mr. Doe wants people to reach their fullest potential. There are no excuses once you join Project Bedlam.

It’s time for you to embrace who you are, not who you’ve been told to be. Sign up today and become a member of the one of the biggest fraternities in the world.

This immersive package experience spans three months and includes three packages and six letters. For the sake of keeping things a fun mystery, we withhold detailed information on the contents of the packages and letters.

*All characters and stories are fabricated. This is meant purely to be entertainment*

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